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The 5 ServiceNow YouTube channels you need to be following

By Andy Fury

The way that ServiceNow professionals digest news and information regarding the community is changing, with so many different channels available. Social media is one easy way to keep on top of this, following influencers within the sphere and digesting information that way. YouTube videos are also proving to be a fantastic alternative resource, and are cropping up with greater frequency than ever.

Companies are seeing the benefits of educating communities, who in turn can absorb that information and put it to use in their day-to-day life. Additionally, enthusiasts within the ecosystem are also using their passion to help educate others. One of the best aspects of the rise of ServiceNow-related YouTube videos is for those that like to remain at their workstation during downtime, it’s easy enough to load a video up and have it playing during, say, lunch breaks (although we’d definitely recommend fresh air instead!).

From demonstrations of the platform itself, to help with certifications, there are a number of different channels available that service many different members of the community. We’ve looked for the best of them and have presented a selection for your enjoyment here.

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Tutorial For Beginners

Edureka is an online learning provider that helps professionals learn technologies in greater depth. Whether you’re new to a platform or skillset and are wanting to get to grips with it, or you’re studying certifications and want to blitz them, they have a number of online videos that will prove invaluable to your journey within ServiceNow as well as other stacks.

This video, as you can probably guess from its title, gives a pretty comprehensive introduction to ServiceNow if you’re new to it, and will also give you an invaluable insight into the technology if you’ve not yet made the switch. If you’re looking for something more in depth, then it’s worth looking at Edureka’s other videos, as they have plenty of others dedicated to getting you up to speed and helping you through your certifications.


ServiceNow Demo

If you’re simply considering ServiceNow as a potential solution but don’t have the time to take in a sales pitch, then ResultsPositive have a demo on how the platform can be used to manage projects and resources. Rather than trying to find time in your schedule to listen to a pitch on why you should sign up, this allows you to see how it could benefit your organization, at your own leisure.

They have a number of other videos available which will show you a range of different products, as well as other uses for the platform, making it a go-to resource if you’re thinking about migrating to ServiceNow.


Developer Training

If you’ve just landed your first job as a ServiceNow Developer, or are interested in making the transition from your existing role, this is a great web series to follow. Hosted by Gaurav Tripathi, it also covers things on a practical level such as the experience and skills you’d be expected to have before pursuing it further, as well as when and where you’ll use them within your new role. So, if you want to learn ServiceNow scripting and get the background essentials without committing to certifications, the content within the videos here will serve as a great knowledgebase for aspiring ServiceNow professionals.


SNow Knowledge

This is one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases we’ve seen online when it comes to ServiceNow functionality. The videos are informative and straight to the point, which are perfect if you need a quick reference point when trying to do something new or are struggling with something you’ve not used in a while. The channel also encourages people to get in touch if there’s something they haven’t covered, so hopefully a solution won’t be far away if you need advice on something not already uploaded. It’s ideal for novices and more advanced users alike.

SNow Knowledge

ServiceNow DevOps Podcast

Okay so this may be a podcast, but it’s an area that isn’t well serviced for those working within the ServiceNow ecosystem, and it’s available to watch on YouTube as well. Host Eric Ledyard takes different people working within ServiceNow and chats about their experiences with the platform. Although the podcast only started life recently, the first couple of episodes have made for interesting listening, with a more informal look at life within the sphere than the usual offerings.

The podcast itself is hosted by ServiceNow themselves, so there’s also a number of other videos available through the channel beyond just the podcast. Granted, there’s not a lot going on visually if you do watch the show on YouTube, but it’s easy enough to open in a browser so you can just listen to the audio and carry on with your day. Alternatively, it’s available through most other podcast outlets including Spotify, meaning you can listen to it away from your desk. With many ServiceNow podcasts ending up being relatively short-lived, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that this one has legs after an encouraging start.
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