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Take part in this year’s Careers and Hiring Guide and win $500

By Andy Fury

As the world feels like it’s returned to normal, another staple part of life in the ServiceNow community is back—the survey for the Nelson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: ServiceNow Edition 2022/23 is open again!

Compiled using the thoughts and sentiments of more than 500 professionals around the world, it’s the most comprehensive independent study of the ServiceNow community available. What’s more, to say thanks, we’ll be handing out a $500 Amazon gift card to one lucky participant who completes the survey.

There’s never been a more important time to get an in-depth view of the ServiceNow landscape—with countries around the world adjusting to the implications of the pandemic will the workplace return to the way it was, or do organizations need to know that the ‘new normal’ should be about what their employees expect from them?

We all scrambled to work from improvised workstations during the initial phase of the pandemic—balancing laptops on ironing boards and converting kitchens and garages into improvised office spaces in order to continue working—but what will the long-term legacy be?

  • Do employees want to retain the flexibility which allows them to have a greater work-life balance?
  • Are tech employers offering remote work in order to match the demands of an enlightened workforce?
  • Has the ServiceNow landscape changed forever, and how are employers and employees adjusting to the ‘new normal’?

Nelson Frank’s Careers and Hiring Guide sets out to answer these questions and  much more. From the certifications you’ll need to excel, and how they affect your value as a candidate, to job satisfaction and what factors make employees change roles. Having been re-branded from our previous Salary Surveys last year, the guide now contains a range of expert insights, analysis and advice from world-leading industry and cloud platform experts.

This makes it the go-to resource for more than just the usual statistical analysis. However, the survey remains an essential part of the publication, due to the unrivalled insights it offers into the thoughts and feelings of those working with ServiceNow products. For instance, did you know that last year:

  • 75% of professionals believed that ServiceNow certifications helped them to stand out in the job market
  • only 54% of ServiceNow pros were satisfied with their career progression
  • 33% of employees had the option of working remotely full-time before the pandemic, which rose to 82% by 2021
So, whether you want to benchmark salaries for your team, check if you’re being paid the market rate, or simply want to make sure the benefits and perks you’re offering match those of your competitors—this is the most comprehensive resource for finding that out.

What’s more, we want to continue providing the most in-depth picture of the opinions of those who work with ServiceNow every day, in order to add even more value to your professional life. But to do that we need your help.

To say thanks for your time helping us put this comprehensive guide together (and helping your peers in the process), we’ll also be holding a draw for a $500 Amazon eGift card for everyone who completes the survey. Surely that’s a sweetener that’s worth 20 minutes of you time?

You’ll also be first to receive a copy of the guide in your inbox ahead of it being launched officially, if you so wish—but even we’re willing to admit that five hundred dollars is enough of a reason to take part in the survey!

Ready to take part in the survey?

Take part now, and you could be in with a chance of winning that $500 Amazon eGift card.



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