Ref: GG - 13/2_1676280121

ServiceNow Expert


Job description

ServiceNow Expert

GG - 13/2_1676280121

1 Setup, administration and troubleshooting of the ServiceNow platform (including components such as MID servers) and the ITSM application
2 Monitoring, administration and troubleshooting of integrations of ServiceNow with other corporate systems
3 Managing ServiceNow releases from sub-production to production environments and version upgrades
4 Testing of new features, functionalities, and releases
5 Liaising with users and customers for incidents and requests
6 Liaising with ServiceNow for monitoring the ServiceNow platform and raising incidents to ServiceNow
7 Knowledge transfer with the team and other EC teams and users

This position requires deep technical knowledge and experience in the ServiceNow platform and the ITSM application. The principal function will be to help and guide the service in the context of the maintenance or continuous deployment and improvements of the ServiceNow platform at the European Commission. (Principally on ITSM module but also on ITOM, HRSD and ITBM modules) This position requires valuable experience of ServiceNow roles as 'Platform administrator' (principally to share and guide some junior profiles), 'Business analyst' (to gather and translate business requirements to onboard the services), 'Integrations expert' (to identify failures and provide analysis for development improvements), and 'Developer - low code' (to guide some junior/business profiles to build catalogue items, release new applications, plugins,...). Senior-oriented profile to focus on operational activities on the ServiceNow Platform: